According to Politico, Jill Biden’s FLOTUS Office is so Abusive and Toxic that it’s Been Dubbed “Devil Wears Prada”

Kamala Harris is said to run a poisonous and hostile workplace where employees are chastised, made to cry, and treated like garbage.
Jill Biden, on the other hand, is now being criticized in the same way.

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And the first report comes from Politico, a left-leaning publication.

Jill has put a man named Anthony Benal in charge of her organization, according to the story, and colleagues say he’s an unpleasant, nasty backstabber who makes people weep.

Jill, you did a fantastic job.

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According to the Daily Wire, Anthony Bernal, a Jill Biden adviser, has been labeled as the most powerful person in the first lady’s office, and already enjoys a highly prominent elevated job, as highlighted in a recent Vogue puff piece.

Bernal is also said to be a bit of a tyrant.

“According to interviews with more than two dozen White House officials, former campaign aides, and others who worked with him during the Obama administration, the way he has exercised that influence has made Bernal one of the most polarizing figures in the White House,” Politico said.

Bernal’s “pursuit of perfection” for FLOTUS, according to Politico, has resulted in him mistreating his crew.

Because of his unfiltered criticism of others and penchant to trash talk his coworkers behind their backs, several labeled him as “berating” and “toxic,” according to the investigation. “Some have compared him to [Meryl Streep’s] character in ‘Devil Wears Prada,’ while others have compared him to Game of Thrones’s ever-conspiring Littlefinger.”

Bernal’s alleged behavior with staffers was documented in the report, with some of them allegedly “secretly” recording the advisor during meetings:

Bernal’s ability to make Biden workers cry is a well-kept secret in the Biden universe, with everyone seemingly knowing someone who has been on the receiving end.


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