According To an Election Integrity Watchdog, Ballot Trafficking Could be Revealed in a Big Way Soon

More election fraud proof could be on the way soon….

According to True The Vote, an election integrity watchdog group, important pieces of information about huge ballot trafficking are likely to be released.

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True the Vote completed what appears to me to be a thorough investigation of election fraud across the United States, and I am familiar with Catherine Engelbrecht’s work—she is not to be taken lightly.

With all we’ve heard recently, including a report from The Public Interest Legal Foundation claiming that 15 million ballots went uncounted across the country, I believe True The Vote has a case.

Take a look:

More information was provided by Breitbart:

“Ballot trafficking will soon be exposed on a massive scale,” Catherine Engelbrecht, president of True the Vote, said in an email statement sent out by the conservative election integrity organization Saturday.

“In late 2020, True the Vote engaged a select team of contractors and set out to determine whether widespread ballot trafficking was occurring as part of an organized criminal enterprise,” Engelbrecht wrote.

“We’d watched the mass mail out of paper ballots to highly inaccurate voter records, the harried installation of ballot dropboxes privately funded by billionaire tech magnates, and the hundreds of legislative changes, lawsuits, and consent decrees that fundamentally altered election processes,” she continued.


The following is taken directly from the True The Vote website:

All our research, including suspected locations where ballots were delivered, processed, and distributed, along with the individual devices associated, has been submitted in the form of a formal complaint, along with all data, to the FBI. Briefings have been provided to state law enforcement and political leadership in several states. These conversations will continue to broaden in the coming days.

We’ve also acquired over a petabyte of video surveillance data. The quality of this video is inferior overall; lighting is bad, cameras are poorly positioned, timestamps are manipulated, key timeframes are often missing. Nevertheless, we are working video by video, using proprietary AI-based code we’ve written to screen the over 100,000 clips in our possession. The result? We are successfully finding video evidence that corroborates the digital data and supports the need for full investigations by law enforcement.

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