ABC Roasted Over A Goofy Tweet Post

Adding the Looney Tunes ‘Goofy’ character is the thing that’s missing for the spectacle to be complete, don’t you think so?

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Have you seen this Tweet already?

I think it’s really true.

“The biggest story of 2020, 2021, and probably 2022 (God help us) is the complete and utter destruction of the credibility surrounding public health, institutionally and as a practice. From opioids to COVID, they have just completely failed on every measurable metric.”

They’re out there pushing the left’s agenda, at all costs.

REsulting in America losing their faith in institutions and government. In justice and hope.

And can you really blame them?

Just look at this goofy propaganda tweet from ABC News about the flu. Like made by a preschool child.

Here’s what they said: “The U.S. flu season has arrived on schedule after taking a year off.”

Have a nice cruise or Christmas holiday vacation, then!

It has caused A LAVA of reactions especially on Twitter.

“You mean flu cases were shifted over to the COVID cases/deaths to push the fear/pandemic!!! We know!”

“Masks stop the flu, not COVID? 😂🤣🤡”

“The flu took a year off to pause, really look deep inside and do some self exploration…”

“How does an illness take a year off??? This is why people struggle with the news!!!”

“Hmm. Didn’t know a virus could take a vacation 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔”

“It used to be normal to have a flu season and it was a choice to take the flu vaccine. Not anymore, people can lose their jobs if they don’t. Times have definitely changed.”

““Taking a year off” f**k you, ABC”

“Our remarkably incurious corporate media:”

“Did the flu take a year long vacation in Maui?”

“Please. Tell me you lack a brain without telling me you lack a brain.”

“Wait, what? Viruses can take a year off? Is this science, now??”

“Yall got be the MOST IRRELEVANT outlet EVER”

“Someone tell @ABC to get a god damn grip. took a year off???”

“They Believe they have you fooled.”

“Well damn the flu has a better PTO policy than I do”

“Imagine thinking the flu took a year off. CLOWNS”

“Flu be like did you miss me LOL”

“Is @ABC this stupid or do they assume we are Let’s see your reporting on how many COVID cases were actually multiple tests on one person, how many false positives, how many died with COVID not “from” How many actually “tested” for flu last year”

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