A Whole New Level Of Cringe: Fauci’s Boss Sings “Somewhere Past The Pandemic” COVID Song

Is this guy for real?!

Do Dems have any shame or boundaries?!

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Just when you thought there’s nothing that could surprise you, Francis Collins, the Director of The National Institutes of Health, takes a guitar and puts him in front of a camera with an interpreter.

“Somewhere past the pandemic, when we’re free. There’s a life I remember full of activity.

Somewhere past the pandemic, masks will come off. No more need for a nose swab every time we cough.”

He stated:

“As we are gathered here today, COVID’s toll has hit and sent us reeling, but partners like the ones right here will help to make the pathway clear to find the true healing.

Somewhere past the pandemic, life will resume. We’ll all complain about the traffic, forgetting how we hated zoom.

Somewhere past the pandemic, we’ll hug our friends and thank the people and science that brought the pandemic’s end.

My dozen years are almost through, but it’s been great to work with you. Let’s end COVID now.

Thank you, HHS.”

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