A Very Curious Update On Durham’s Probe

Has he actually been working this whole time?

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Do you also feel skeptical and doubtful about this “Durham probe”? After Barr, I feel burned and don’t feel safe trusting anyone on this subject.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal,

“John Durham, the federal prosecutor tapped to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation, has been presenting evidence before a grand jury as part of his probe.

Mr. Durham has been examining potential criminal charges against several lower-level FBI employees, and people who aren’t in government, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Durham was also expected to deliver a report by the end of this summer, though that target is likely to be pushed back.

Prosecutors working for Mr. Durham have focused on people outside the FBI who provided information that helped to fuel the 2016 investigation, the people familiar with the matter said. Prosecutors are examining whether those who provided the information knew it was false at the time, and what the FBI subsequently did with it, some of the knowledgeable people said.

Prosecutors appear to be pursuing a theory that if people passed along information they knew to be false to the FBI directly, or if they passed it on to others who later shared it with the FBI, it could be considered lying to the federal government, the people said.”

But, here’s the catch – the one that will decide the further faith of the probe will be the funder of it, Merrick Garland. And, since he’s Obama’s boy, we are pretty much aware nothing “jaw-dropping” and truthfully will come out of it…

This is nothing but a charade, so that the people think that there are efforts and work being done…



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