A US Trucker Has Just Issued a Warning About the Mandatory Vaccinations and the Potential For Food Shortages

If Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate becomes law, things will become very frightening and odd.

In this country, we could see and experience things that made Venezuela appear “organized and happy.”

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That is precisely what people are terrified of.

A man online known as Alexader Rogers, who claims to be a truck driver, has issued a warning regarding vaccine mandates.

He was responding to conservative commentator Jesse Kelly’s tweet.

Just as a US Army lieutenant colonel has just tendered his retirement over Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, Kelly was criticizing the mandates and what a disservice they are to this country.

That drew Alexander’s attention, and he added his two cents to the conversation.

When it strikes truckers like him, he adds, and we see mass food shortages because these guys refuse to take the vaccine, Americans will realize what communism truly is.

“Wait until it impacts drivers like myself and you start witnessing huge food shortages,” Alexander remarked. People will swiftly discover the price of Communism.”

Alexander seems to know exactly what he’s talking about.

Consider what happened when Australia’s truckers went on strike.

It took only 48 hours for their shelves to be depleted.


Joe Biden is betting that threatening to take away people’s jobs and food would compel them to act, and they’ll take the jab.

I’m not sure that will happen.

Perhaps the threat will not be carried out, or if it is, people will refuse to comply, resulting in widespread food shortages. What are the chances?

In any case, this is yet another act of Biden’s that is dividing and angering the American people.



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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