A Texas Democrat Flaunts Her Underwear in a Bizarre Tweet That Has Been Widely Mocked

I’m not sure what to say about this except that maybe Texas should reconsider who they elect to power since I’m now certain that the women in charge of Texas are insane.

As we all know, a bunch of Texas state legislators boarded a booze-fueled private jet to flee their state in order to avoid voting on a “voter integrity bill” involving voter ID, which the vast majority of Americans support.

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The group fled to the DC Swamp, where they have remained since, unwilling to return home…

While they’re in DC, they’ll be paid a daily allowance of $221 dollars.

And believe me when I say that these jerks are receiving a lot of flak… It must be getting to them that not everyone treats them like “National Heroes,” since one insane Texas “Cat Lady” in particular has snapped and lost her last marble.

She’s now uploading images of her undergarments on the internet in an attempt to demonstrate how “hard” she’s working.

Take a look: “You can bet we’re acknowledging and honoring our country’s history. But, like most Texans, we’re doing it tonight—using whatever is available and uwashing our clothes in the sink. #txlege “

Please submit this under “TMI.” Gross.

I’m not sure what her filthy underwear has to do with anything, but here’s what others are saying about the photo on the internet:

“First it was kinkos, now we’re finding out laundromats are also hard to access”

“This is a super strange tweet — but as you know, you wouldn’t have to do this if you were at home in Texas doing your job. “

“We have washing machines here. You flew here on a chartered private plane. You can figure it out I’m sure.”

“Maybe she is rural. Washing machines and copiers are probably foreign to her.”

“What’s up with the granny panties, Donna?”

“We are in awe of your sacrifice. I cannot even fathom how you are staying strong through these difficult times. A true hero.”

“This is what poor people do when they can’t afford a washing machine or even the laundromat. That’s if they have access to running water. You have it so hard. I’m sorry this is happening to you.”

“There are no laundromats or fluff and fold service in a large city like DC? So bizarre. See this one time my washing machine broke so I took my clothes to this big store with lots of washers and dryers and I put quarters and soap in and solved the problem.”

“You get $221/day per diem buy new underwear”

“I can walk two blocks to a laundromat and have them wash, dry, and fold my clothes in like 3 hours for $.75/lb. How is this not a bit?”

This is nothing more than a massive public relations scam that has only gotten worse.

These Democrats should cut their losses and return home, where they will face the music and taxpayers.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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