A Secret Footage of Jada and Will Right Before The Slap

This secret video footage was up until recently available and seen only by “the big Academy bosses’.

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There’s a new video that’s making the rounds online, showing an “angle” of the Oscar slap that suggests Jada Pinkett Smith was laughing when her husband slapped Chris Rock.

But – here’s a different angle to it.


#jadapinkettsmith laughed at the whole thing… She never comforted #WillSmith or acknowledged his behavior… #differentangle #oscars22

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According to a well-placed industry source, the Academy is almost certain to have multiple unreleased angles of the slap said to have been heard around the globe.

What footage was broadcasted on ABC was the director’s “live to air” cut, on a short delay of about seven seconds. It showed the main camera locked on Rock in center stage position and a camera isolated on the Smiths.

The main camera remained on Rock for at least three seconds before Will stormed the stage, a Hollywood source told Radar.

“We know there was a camera right in front of Will and Jada,” the insider said.

“Someone needs to force the hand of the gatekeepers to release the missing video after the cutaway (television speak, for a shot that cuts away from the main action to a separate or secondary action).

“An analysis of the video in slow motion shows Will not only laughing at Rock’s joke but also clapping. The video of what happened during the next three seconds afterward needs to be released; it’s a multi-camera setup.

“Jada did something major that snapped him out of genuine laughter. He was never looking at her as you can see in the video before the director cut back to Rock.”

There are many more secret and hidden details we’re about to learn about…

Do you think the same?

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