A Reader of Switzerland’s “Daily Mail” Sends a Message to the United States About Joe Biden… It Becomes the “Best-Rated” Comment on the Site

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gee, what does the rest of the world think of all this nonsense going on in America?” I believe I’ve figured out your response.

This isn’t coming from a newscaster or a political commentator.

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This comment, which I’m about to share with you, came from a random “Daily Mail” reader from Switzerland who left a message to America on an article about Biden’s awful “victory” speech in Afghanistan.

Now, consider yourself fortunate if you haven’t watched the speech. Those of us who have witnessed it remain depressed, perplexed, and angered.

A reader from Switzerland read the article in the “Daily Mail” about Biden’s dreadful speech and commented on it.

The comment from a Swiss “Daily Mail” reader is only eight words long, but they say everything about what the rest of the world thinks of Joe Biden.


In fact, the comment is so amazing that it has now become the site’s “best-rated” comment.


Here’s what they had to say: “America, I can’t believe this is your president.”


There were 3,086 “likes” and only 40 “dislikes” for the comment.

What people had to say about it was as follows:

“We’re still waiting to wake up from this nightmare as well.” 

“This is unbelievable. Came here in 1995 to escape the civil war in Bosnia. I refuse to let America die slowly on my watch, I don’t know right now what we can do but we can’t let this just happen.”

“We can’t either. Perhaps this is why they should’ve NEVER certified FRAUD.”

“We cannot believe it either, besides he really stole the ELECTION, not elected but planted!”

“I can’t believe it either…. Atl east i can say i did not vote for him”

“Yah, most of us can’t believe it either.”

“Hes not my president I didn’t vote for him”

“Yeh neither can over 80,000,000 U.S. citizens”

“The world knows…”

That last paragraph encapsulates everything… ”The entire world is aware…”

They definitely do, don’t they?

Everyone is aware…

Despite this, the charade continues as if we are unaware…

We are living in strange times.


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