A Progressive King County Council Candidate Threatens to Detonate a Bomb On a School Bus Referring to Youngsters as “Cowards” as They Flee

The Post Millennial obtained exclusive footage of progressive candidate for King County Council Ubax Gardheere scaring schoolchildren while pretending she has a bomb or a pistol and then calling them “cowards” as they flee.

The Post Millennial obtained exclusive footage of progressive candidate for King County Council Ubax Gardheere scaring schoolchildren while pretending she has a bomb or a pistol and then calling them “cowards” as they flee.
On Jan. 12, 2010, Ubax Gardheere boarded a Highline School District bus as it was set to start its morning journey to Chinook Middle School. Gardheere can be seen boarding a school bus that is packed with students. She warns the bus driver that “it’s a question of national security” that he should not drive. “The bus is not departing,” she says. The driver then contacts the authorities.

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“Whether something happens, it’s going to happen to you,” she adds when the driver asks if something happened to one of the kids.


Gardheere then informs schoolchildren that woman is dressed loosely and may be carrying a bomb or a gun. The bus driver exclaims, “Someone better get here fairly quick!” She is apprehended by a brave officer. Finally, children flee out the back of the vehicle, as seen from the back. Gardheere can be heard repeatedly calling them “cowards.”
Students were scared for their safety, according to Deputy Prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren, and as they escaped by the bus’s back emergency exit, Gardheere began screaming that they were “cowards” for abandoning their peers.

Holmgren penned the court’s decision: “The defendant intimated to the middle school pupils that she could have a bomb and a pistol when conversing with them. She labeled pupils cowards and told them they would be guilty if something happened to their peers if they attempted to flee out the back of the bus. Several kids suspected she was carrying a weapon, and several were afraid for their lives.”
Gardheere informed the arresting officer she was “prepared to die,” according to a detective from King County. Her possessions, however, were discovered to be devoid of weapons. Before going to trial, she reduced the felony charges to a gross misdemeanor.

Riall Johnson and Prism Washington, both of whom have a history of representing and pushing militant socialist candidates like socialist Seattle City Council Member Tammy Morales, who urged for riots during last summer’s upheaval, have supported Ghardeere’s campaign on social media. Even after the original article about Ghardeer went viral, Morales and another local progressive, Varisha Khan of the Redmond City Council, endorsed the candidate.

Even after the news broke lately, Gardheere earned extra notable left-wing support from the local SEIU and The Urbanist, a local activist publication.

Gardheere told the Seattle Weekly that she was hospitalized for mental illness and that her condition worsened after she visited her in-laws in Dubai in 2008 on her route to Somalia.
Gardheere participated in a film produced by Mass Transit six years later, while working as a community organizer, lobbying for the extension of a local light rail project. In the video, she is referred to as a “social justice advocate.”

The Somalian immigrant currently works for the City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development as the Equitable Development Division Director, earning more than $130,000 per year. She describes herself as a “bureaucrat inside the administration.”
Gardheere said in a recent interview with the South Seattle Emerald that she was being criminalized for mental health concerns when she threatened schoolchildren with a bomb on a bus.
“It means being a new mother and suffering from postpartum depression, then having a mental breakdown and being criminalized for it, rather than receiving the mental health [help] I required.”

This contradicts not only the court documents and police reports from the incident, but also her own assertions to The Seattle Weekly years earlier. “I’m thinking to myself, ‘what can I say or do that will get you arrested instead of being committed to a mental institution?'”
Gardheere omits her difficult past but mentions her work with children in a recent endorsement video for the radical King County young Democrats.

Gardheere lamented the failure of the intended genocide of Jews in the Middle East in a video broadcast in May from an event in Seattle that she claims to have attended.

Ghardeere recently co-wrote a letter for the City of Seattle in which she referred to ultra-progressive Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan as a “dictator” and again mentioned her “mental health.”
“We’re done bearing a disproportionate emotional load in our civilization’s collective confrontation with our mid-life (or is it end-of-life?) crises as women of color. We’ll be able to tell you more about all of these things when the time comes. For the time being, we’re taking a break to restore our mental health “she stated

According to Ghardeere, “To function and maintain itself, our current economic system requires hierarchy, oppression, and extraction. It divides people based on race, class, ableism, and gender, and frequently treats BIPOCs, LGBTQ+ persons, the poor, immigrants/refugees, undocumented immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, and the natural environment as disposable resources.”
Ghardeere also stated that, rather than terrorism or a pandemic, “climate change and growing inequality are among the greatest risks to our nation and county.”


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