A Police Officer Fired For Calling The BLM – Terrorists!

Now can you really see the proof?

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The BLM can do whatever, whenever – and there are no authorities that will be in their way! They’re funded and thus, supported from the very top of the Liberals! They can burn down cities, beat helpless innocent people and send them in hospitals, use words such as “killing”, “raping”, “racism” etc…

They are even allowed to put a pig’s head on a stick, wearing a policeman’s hat, stating that “That’s the only way that things could ever change is if people start throwing things.” during a “PEACEFUL PROTEST.”

And not to mention this ultimate public threat!

But if an officer, a defender of the law and order calls them by their true name – terrorists – is left with no employment!

That’s the case of New Jersey’s Hopewell Twp Police Officer Sara Erwin.

The NJ covered the story, reporting that

” Officer Sara Erwin was fired for commenting on Facebook in June of 2020 about BLM by saying, “Last night as I left for work I had my two kids crying for me not to go to work. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the way I did last night. And then I watched people I know and others I care about going into harm’s way. I love my police family like my own. So when you share posts and things on Facebook I’d really appreciate it if you’d THINK before doing so. I’ve seen so many black lives matter [sic] hashtags in these posts. Just to let you know they are terrorists. They hate me. They hate my uniform. They don’t care if I die.”

The report continues stating that

“And Police Officer Mandy Grey, who was the first female officer hired in Hopewell Twp, was suspended for six months (and will be demoted) for replying to that post. Neither of these decorated officers has a disciplinary history or prior internal affairs complaints after more than 20 years of service. But, gosh, they dared to call BLM terrorists. They have to go.”

“The police officers’ attorney, Frank Crivelli, called the township’s actions “disgraceful and cowardice” and has filed a lawsuit. Appeals will be happening in Superior Court on First Amendment grounds and other issues.”

So, glad to be on the “right” side of Biden’s New American Order?!


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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