A Massive Wake-Up Call: The Globalists Have Just Played Their Cards, Allowing Americans to Become Accustomed to Seeing Military Personnel on American Streets as Authoritarianism is Ushered In

We’ve recently published several stories on ANP about the massive labor shortages affecting industries across America, including an entire police department in Missouri resigning at the same time, nurses stepping down from long-held jobs rather than take the mRNA injection (which is literally killing people), and a massive school bus driver shortage affecting America as drivers resign rather than take the mRNA injection (which is literally killing people).

With NPR reporting on September 1st that a nationwide poll had discovered a major school bus driver shortage across America, partly owing to ‘vax mandates’ that were being imposed,

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We’ll be looking at how tyrannical regimes have historically used incrementalism to usher in tyranny, much like the ‘new world odor’ is doing righ now, if truck drivers hauling food and supplies across America ‘go on strike’ over vax mandates in the near future. First, from this CBS Boston story.

As a nationwide bus driver shortage spreads, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has dispatched National Guard troops to address the issue in his state.

To make up for the lack of employees, up to 250 Massachusetts guard members were made available to drive pupils to and from school starting Tuesday. Baker remarked on Twitter Monday, “Safe and reliable transportation to school each day is crucial to our children’s safety and education.”

The governor’s office said in a statement that National Guard members will drive children in special school transport vans known as 7D vehicles, and that they will receive vehicle training before becoming temporary drivers. On Tuesday, 90 guard members began prepping for service in Chelsea, Lawrence, Lowell, and Lynn, among other school districts.

The Guards’ participation will not prevent them from responding to and assisting in crises. The expense of the mission will be covered by the federal government, according to Baker. (ANP: a.k.a. ‘payed for by the American taxpayer!’) It’s no surprise that they’re going to raise taxes so much in 2021!)

Chelsea School Superintendent Almi Abeyta told CBS Boston, “We are grateful and thankful that somebody was obviously thinking outside of the box.” “When I first got the call, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, that’s an interesting answer, yes, OK!’”

Days before the start of the school year, the Boston School Bus Union requested for all in-person lessons to be canceled, citing “transportation chaos” as the cause of the overlapping issues.

We must all be aware of “the tyranny of incrementalism,” as if we were sand moving through an hourglass. Government tyranny is far more destructive than any virus, as Mike Adams warned in this Natural News report back in April of 2020. Governments have historically been the deadliest mass murderers ever.
While a story in the far-left Salon in August of 2021 mistakenly stated, “Republicans pretend to dread left-wing dictatorship – yet there is none.” Yes, dictators wear the cover of “socialist,” but tyranny, here and elsewhere, is always right-wing.” Does this mean Joe Biden and the Democrats of 2021 are promoting “right-wing” politics?

Of all, as we’ve previously highlighted on ANP, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the left or right boot stomping on one’s face; either way, it’s a boot in a place where it’s not intended to be in free society! And incrementalism is being utilized to usher in despotism.

When governments use incrementalism to impose tyranny, every small decision feels rational to those who don’t see the “big picture,” putting themselves and their families in danger.

As this 2020 story over at The Atlantic reported, Venezuela is nothing less than the “eerie endgame of modern politics,” where citizens of that once-prosperous nation now live amiably with “socialism.” Despite the fact that the Atlantic article accused President Trump for what globalists have been attempting to change America into for a long time.


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