A Man Was Told That If He Wears a MAGA Hat, He Will Be Arrested

A video on TikTok and Twitter has gone viral, showing a man about to be detained for wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

In the video, an unidentified man is told by a police officer that if he continues to wear a MAGA hat, he would be arrested and finger printed.

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The man then asked if he would be arrested for wearing his MAGA hat, to which the police officer swiftly replied, “absolutely.”

This is a video that you must see:

Trump’s MAGA hat has the ability to enrage lefties!

It appears that the man was simply expressing his right under the First Amendment to convey symbolic speech.

It’s unclear if the facility he was at had any limits on political dress, but I’m sure wearing a Biden hat would be fine.


During the period 2016-2021, anyone wearing a MAGA hat in a liberal city would be immediately targeted.

Hundreds of assault cases have been reported as a result of a far-left radical striking someone wearing a MAGA hat in public.

Kanye West drew a lot of flak for wearing a MAGA hat in the White House:

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