A Man Died (53) After Getting The J&J Vaccine! His Son Begged Him Not To Get It!

Regardless of the warnings from his kindergarten-age son, one 53-year-old man decided to get the J&J vaccine, and as a consequence of it, he died.

A Mr. Jeff Kimpland’s FB post shared that he took the vaccine on April 13. The post also shared that the CDC and the FDA had halted J&J shots due to causing blood clots.

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“Don’t get J&J, daddy,” the six-year-old son repeated. But, on June 6, Mr. Kimpland set the banner on his profile picture that was saying: ‘’I got my COVID-19 Shot.’’ Nine days later, he shared his last FB post.

Among the comments, one of his friends commented that Mr. Kimpland already passed COVID-19, so the vaccine wasn’t necessary. But, he claimed that the natural immunity was protecting only 90 days.

But, a couple of studies have already proved that natural immunity is long-lasting and effective. Mr. Kimpland shared that the MSM deception that only six out of seven million people had blood clots due to the J&J vaccine.

But, his knowledge and the vaccines are from TV and Fauci, who is propaganda.

He died in his home in Dewitt, NY, on June 19.

J&J CCP virus program is temporarily paused because of the recommendations made on Tuesday, April 13.

More than 7.2 million doses from the J&J vaccine are already administered in the U.S. Six cases, females, struggled with a rare form of the clot, CVST combined with low blood platelet levels.

The FDA shared that one patient died, and another is critical. The patients’ age varies from 18 to 48, and they developed symptoms from 6-13 days after the vaccine.

The White House officials shared that the pause didn’t affect the government’s vaccination plan. Also, they shared that the J&J appointments were rescheduled around the country to get the other two vaccines. We have enough supply of Pfizer and Moderna shots, so Biden could get close to his goal of administering 200 million shots in the first 100 days in office.

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