A Man Could Be Sentenced To Prison For Attending Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium!

Is Mike Lindell’s show so hazardous that just viewing it could land you in jail?

For one man, it might be possible.

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I understand that this appears to be completely weird, anti-American, and unconstitutional, but here’s the story….

One of the purported “insurrectionists” from January 6 is Doug Jansen.

You’ve probably seen this well-known photograph before.

To shorten a long tale short, he was supposedly informed he couldn’t use the Internet as part of his plea arrangement with prosecutors.

Isn’t it crazy?

Now we’re putting restrictions on what individuals can and can’t watch?

It’s almost like, oh, state-controlled propaganda?

What does a state-controlled organisation believe?

Tell the public what they are not permitted to view or listen to?

That sort of thing happened in Communist China, but it appears to have spread to the United States.


Take a look at this:

More on the story may be found in the Des Moines Register; here’s a sample:

Prosecutors are requesting that Doug Jensen be sent to prison less than a month after a court released him.

Jensen, 42, of Des Moines, was apprehended in the days following the Jan. 6 incident after being seen in a widely circulated video leading a group of people into the Capitol following a Capitol Police officer. In July, he successfully petitioned the court for pretrial release after spending six months in a D.C. jail. His lawyer claimed that he had forsaken his earlier belief in the QAnon conspiracy and vowed to follow the court’s instructions.

Both of those assertions, according to prosecutors, were fraudulent. They claim that despite Jensen being ordered not to use the internet or have access to his family’s internet-connected gadgets, a pretrial services officer saw him in his garage streaming news from a right-wing website to a wifi-enabled iPhone that he had the password for.

Can somebody tell me why Mike Lindell’s information is so crucial to these folks that we can’t even see it?

Is it because he’s standing directly on top of the target?

Is it because the election was rigged and the only way to prevent the truth from leaking out is to restrict Internet access?

Is it true that we now live in a communist China?

This much I am aware of…. Mike Lindell has and will continue to have my whole support.

Please join me in expressing my gratitude to Mike Lindell for all he has accomplished!


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