A Large Percentage of Deaths Have Been Linked to the COVID-19 Vaccine, According to a German Pathologist

After doing an autopsy on 40 patients who died within two weeks of receiving the COVID-19 or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccine, Peter Schirmacher, the director of the University of Heidelberg’s Pathological Institute, became concerned.

According to Free West Media on Aug. 3, Schirmacher warns that 30 to 40% of those people would have perished from “rare, severe side effects of the vaccination—such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases.”

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Not only does this pathologist not consider himself anti-vaccine, but he also took the experimental medicine and claims that the outcomes of his work as a pathologist will not generate panic.

He is particularly concerned that many vaccine-related fatalities go unreported, and that pathologists are unaware of many potential cases.

He believes that one of the most serious issues is that vaccinated persons rarely die under clinical care, and he advocates for more autopsies of these patients.

“With the vaccination, the coroner does not establish a context and certifies a natural death, and the patient is buried,” Schirmacher explained.

“Or he certifies an ambiguous mode of death, and the public prosecutor’s office finds no external fault and releases the body for burial,” he continued.

Schirmacher also manages the COVID deceased persons autopsy project, which is funded by the state, and he has a spotless record.

In reality, the Federal Association of Pathologists had already requested widespread autopsy of those who died after receiving vaccinations in a letter to Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in March, but had received no response.

The government officials dismissed Schirmacher’s findings without providing any data as soon as he published them, but many of his peers promptly backed him up.


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