A Heroic Nurse Smuggles Ivermectin To Dying Patient – Ends Up Saving His Life!

I am really glad that there are still PEOPLE among the brainwashed and politically-tied medical personnel around the state. Because, in the end, saving lives is what really matters, despite ignoring orders!

Sometimes, medical personnel and doctors have really tied hands by the government, on procedures and drugs they could and should use in treatments.

But, sometimes, stepping outside of that box is what actually saves a life!

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Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re supposedly living through a “plandemia”. And in this era, everyone that wears a medical suit is a hero. And I do support that stance, to some logical point.

But, not all medical suit personnel are heroes. This nurse has earned her “superhero badge” by actually saving a life – all by herself!

The heroic act and brave story was reported by no one else, but by our unapologetic and straightforward, awesome Stew Peters in his show.

Stew Peters welcomed an anonymous nurse, whose sister was dying in the hospital, being refused life-saving treatments. The anonymous nurse and concerned family member took it upon herself to get a prescription for Ivermectin on behalf of her sister, and “smuggled” the treatment into the hospital.

Here’s the story.

“Our next guest is a nurse. That’s all we can say about her, because these are dangerous times where anybody can lose their jobs, their reputations, and their way of life for doing the wrong things, saying the wrong thing, believing the wrong thing that pisses off somebody powerful.

Our next guest has a harrowing account of her sister nearly dying in the hospital of coronavirus. She says they attempted to forcibly vaccinate her sister against her will, and forcibly administer Remdesivir as well. And on top of that, they refused to supply her sister with ivermectin, so our next guest snuck it into her so she could take it, and only then, she says, did her sister’s health improves.

Don’t miss the video!

and once again – don’t miss to spread the news and touch and awaken someone out there!


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