A Curious Thing Happened to Susan Rice Before Becoming Biden’s “Advisor”

Susan Rice, according to Richard Grenell, is the “true president” of the United States.

He addressed her as “president” by name.

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Since she is such a close personal friend and political adviser to Barack Obama, this makes sense.

She’s also a blatant and disgraced liar. But she has proven her allegiance to Obama, and he has consistently praised her for it.

But this would be her most important role yet: playing “shadow president” for Joe Biden.

Of course, Obama and his cronies will be in control, but they’d need someone to act as a buffer between Joe the buffoon and Kamala the ditz, and that’s where Susan Rice comes in.

And Bill O’Reilly has unearthed an intriguing tidbit about Ms. Rice.

Susan Rice’s net worth grew by a factor of four in the four years she was out of public service and when President Trump was in office.

WILDLY, I mean.

Bill claims that the “increases” occurred four times during Trump’s four-year presidency.

Rice is now worth somewhere between $36 and $149 million dollars, according to her own filing records from just a few weeks ago.

Wow, that was incredible.

That’s a big variety and a lot of money for a “public servant” who hasn’t even been “serving” the public for the past four years.

Bill claims she didn’t inherit the capital, so where did it come from?

Bill claims to have discovered one source, and you won’t believe what it is…

It’s not really “green,” as you would expect.

But she didn’t make any of her money in the stock market, so what’s the deal? Why were the four years leading up to Biden’s inauguration, in which she played a key role, Susan’s most financially successful?

The following is a link to a video:

Yes, Susan did legitimately make money during Trump’s incredible economy, as did many others… But, really, so much?

There’s no way.

There has to be more to this than meets the eye.

Since Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016, we’ve known that Obama has been planning his “third term.”

The bottom line is that the people who are “pulling Joe’s strings” are extremely wealthy and are all “public servants” who seem to have struck it rich during Trump’s four years in office, as well as during Obama’s campaign for re-election.

Isn’t it a bit of a coincidence?

I don’t believe so.


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