A Conservative Reporter Has Discovered Who’s Behind Biden-Harris War

Well, at least, he thinks he found the culprit, but either way, you won’t believe who this person is!

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Though it is really clear why the war is on (because of the immense incapabilities of Biden in numerous situations), many people are still kinda lost in translation regarding the whole situation.

And, to be honest, Kamala is the one who really deserves the presidential seat, after all the times she filled in for Biden, without being given the real credits. But, she could take just so much.

However, according to Red Voice Media,

‘Fox News host Chris Wallace is clearly part of the “Biden Team.” He’s been exceptionally hard on Kamala, while ABC appears to be “Team Kamala,” as they’ve been exceptionally hard on Biden.

So, we know the general reason for the frustration on Kamala’s end; as she’s once again expecting her “political handout.” But why is Team Biden actively sabotaging the so-called “VP?”

This is where it gets interesting…most DC insiders will agree, that a large swath of Team Biden is still holding a grudge against Kamala for how she treated Joe during the Dem primary. In addition, they’re also “shocked” at how badly she’s handling her job as the so-called “VP.’

And here’s what Joe Biden has to say about who’s really pulling the strings:

‘I think it’s someone from the inner-inner circle.

It could very well be Dr. Jill Biden.

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She has very publicly taken the reins in several instances. She is going to the Olympics to represent American leadership. She has protected her husband from media questions. She has been very publicly by his side since he took office. Harris has been largely invisible, save an embarrassing interview with Lester Holt and an even more embarrassing trip to the border. She has no good press coverage right now because she is either hiding on the sidelines or because she’s being sidelined by the Biden administration. Either way, it isn’t a good look. So, what does Biden’s wife stand to gain here?

Dr. Jill could be making a play not unlike Hillary Clinton, except with way more charisma. During the presidency of Bill Clinton, Hillary’s team was openly vying to be more influential than Al Gore, and at times was successful. She had a huge influence on her husband’s political career (it is rumored that she was responsible for having Bill’s entire political team in Arkansas fired and replaced with her own people ahead of his presidential campaign). Dr. Jill certainly does not come across as nakedly ambitious as Hillary did, but she is younger, sharper, and very energetic in this administration, and it’s not impossible to see the chance of becoming the first female President blind someone with ambition.

Again, pure speculation here, but the POLITICO story does not happen by accident. Someone is leaking this. If it’s not Jill, it’s someone who is close to Biden and who wants to protect him while also using it as a springboard for their own agenda. Whoever it is, this is probably just the opening salvo.’


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