A Conservative Journalist Has Just Pointed Out Something Amazing in George W. Bush’s Infamous 911 Speech

The 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks occurred yesterday.

Rather of allowing the day to be about the victims and their families, the globalist elite cabal, which includes establishment Republicans and Democrats, opted to politicize the solemn remembrance and turn it into yet another propaganda circus.

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George W. Bush, the traitor and warmonger, was the primary CLOWN who presided over the celebrations.

Bush gave a deplorable speech in which he equated Trump supporters to 9/11 terrorists, suggesting that they had the same “spirit.”

It was a revolting speech with a jaw-dropping contrast, but that was to be expected.

Since the day the chaos began on January 6th, the globalist elites – the same ones who tried for five years to destabilize President Trump – have been milking the situation. And it isn’t resonating with the general public in the United States. It’s impossible to make a comparison between a 3-hour scuffle/tourist event in which the only person killed was an unarmed Trump supporter and a day in which over 3,000 Americans died… BUT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE DEMOCRATS DID ALL DAY.

And it’s not that they believe it – they don’t – but it’s an opportunity to trash President Trump and his supporters, so they went all out.

And one conservative writer who sat there and saw as George W. Bush essentially claimed the people at the Capitaine’s Office


Julie Kelly is a fantastic writer for The American Greatness, and she’s done a fantastic job covering the 1/6 controversy.

But it was her comment about George W. Bush and how terribly terrible his statements were that drew my attention.

“After 9/11, Ashli Babbitt asked her mother to sign a waiver so she could join the military at the age of 17,” Julie Kelly said. She joined the Air Force after graduation in 2003. She served in the military for eight years, including eight tours in Afghanistan. Her former commander in chief now compared her to a terrorist from the 9/11 attacks.”

I never considered it until Julie mentioned it, but she is correct.

This was both a profound and melancholy insight.

And, in my opinion, this remark indicates just what a horrible creature George W. Bush is, who he’s “working” with, and what his true objective is.

He’s a dreadful traitor…

another “John McCain” or “Mitt Romney,” for example.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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