A Capitol Police Whistleblower Claims That Acting Police Chief Lied to Congress About The Event On Jan. 6!

“They chose to watch, as one non USCP witness stated ‘like two bumps on a log’, make calls and start to blame everyone for their failures.”

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The Capitol police officer that stepped forward with the claims has a reportedly long history serving in the Capitol Police force.

The anonymous former high-ranking Capitol Police official sent the letter to Republican and Democrat leaders in Congress late last month, regarding the unpleasant events that took place in the building on January 6, that echoed in the entire world. However, certain people obviously want to use the event to their own likings.

For the story that was first published by Politico, the whistleblower said both Gallagher and Pittman intentionally chose not to help officers in the line of duty that day:

“These two filed to take appropriate action which directly contributed to the deaths and wounding of officers and civilians. In the command center, they simply watched mostly with their hands in their laps. They did not try to help or assist officers and officials were literally fighting for each other, their lives, and the Congress. These two instead, while officers were being injured, elected to do nothing, lie, and attempt to profit professionally. They chose to watch, as one non USCP witness stated ‘like two bumps on a log’, make calls and start to blame everyone for their failures.”

“Amongst other statements testified to in the Senate Rules Committee report Pittman states that the Department sent the single most critical intelligence report, 21-TD-159, to ‘Command staff to include assistant chiefs and deputy chiefs’ (Footnote 232). This is unconditionally false. It was never sent or shared. It also was never used to update any intelligence brief forwarded to the commanders, The single most important piece of intelligence information, known since December 21st, as identified by the Senate Report and the OIG Report was never shared with any members of USCP Leadership.”

The USCP organization responded to the letter, stating that “USCP leaders, under new Chief Tom Manger, are committed to learning from prior mistakes and protecting our brave officers, who fought valiantly on January 6, so we can continue to carry out the Department’s critical mission.”


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