A Breaking News ‘Analysis’ Finding ANTIFA ‘Guilty’

Guilty on everything that the people have already complained about!

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Apparently, ANTIFA didn’t contain a single democratic thing within its “democracy disguised” movement.

On February 8th, The Washington Post published a piece written by Penn State Sociology Professor John D. McCarthy and PhD candidate Kerby Goff titled “No, Antifa didn’t ‘infiltrate’ Black Lives Matter during the 2020 protests. But did it increase violence?”

While the article took the predictable shots at the rise of “right-wing domestic extremism” and made mention of “the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol,” the crux of the article focused on Antifa.

With a team of researchers looking into the approximate 14,000 different “racial justice protests in 2020,” this team found out “Antifa activity in racial justice protests was limited mostly to the Pacific Northwest, California and D.C. More than one-third of Antifa’s protest appearances occurred in Oregon and Washington.”

Though this is no news, here’s what’s intriguing.

“The Washington Post contributors remarking on where Antifa was most active wasn’t the only obvious, and extremely late, the conclusion they afforded – these researchers *gasp* found out that Antifa being at protests results in more violence, property damage, and arrests,” Red Voice Media reported.

“These researchers found that when Antifa was at a BLM protest or riot, injuries to the crowd occurred at a rate 15 times greater, injuries to police occurred at a rate seven times greater, property damage occurred at a rate nearly eight times greater, and arrests occurred at a rate over four times greater.”

“In other words, Antifa appearances at racial justice protests greatly increased the risk of violence.”

“But Antifa shows up primarily when it wants to counter a right-wing group’s appearance. So, were right-wing groups the real source of the violence? That’s not what our research found. We saw no difference between events in which Antifa was facing off with a group such as the Proud Boys or the Three Percenters and when they were protesting unopposed.”

Congratulations for FINALLY reaching a public conclusion that most reasonable people had already reached years ago – that where Antifa shows up, trouble and violence comes with them.

Washington PostRed Voice Media

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