A Body Language Expert Discovery On Biden’s “Off-Rails” Moments

He’s also a high-rank Army Interrogator, with above than a 95% rate of success!

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Body language is a 100% proven science, since it analyzes the chemical processes that are happening in the human’s body at the very moment a psychological reaction is formed as a response to the outer world, most often in social surroundings.

Gregory Hartley, a former Army interrogator, as well as a body-language expert, shared a remarkable discovery. He spent some time analyzing Biden’s movements and reactions, especially focusing on the latest appearance on the famous press, and he shared some really interesting notes and facts!

This literally proves that Biden is a “puppet of the script”, however, an “unstable puppet” that can’t seem to maintain his focus, which is absolutely mandatory to actually – be “on the script.”

That’s why when he’s “relaxed”, answering “easy” questions to reporters, without the fear of official answering, he isn’t mumbo jumbo talking. He starts getting confused when he’s kinda forced to say what other people think, in the words, they are saying it.

But, he decided to play this “second-class President” that takes orders from others, instead of giving the orders…


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