A Bizarre Scene Added Outside Biden’s Fake Window

Team Biden’s Handler’s must think they’ve outdone themselves this time!

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It wasn’t such a long time ago that the entire world discovered that Biden wasn’t exactly IN the White House, but at a specially re-created set!

“The set — which is complete with professional monitors and lighting — is located in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is across from the White House.

It is being used for events that are broadcast online or involve video conferencing and includes a small area for members of the media to watch,” The New York Post reported.

“Biden has used the set multiple times, including for his virtual COVID-19 summit with other world leaders on Sept. 22. He also rolled up his sleeve to receive his COVID-19 booster vaccine shot.”

And now, that “set” is back in the news after a bizarre scene was spotted outside the digital window right behind Joe Biden as he spoke.

A real-life Truman Show Presidency!

Here are some comments from people online:

“He should do one on the gas crisis next and have the high gas prices in the background or maybe one on Afghanistan with helicopters pulling people off of roofs.”

“Everything about Joe Biden is fake”

“Why this is done in the first place?”

“Everything they do is a mirage”

“It’s like they’re mocking us at this point. God, I cannot wait for midterms.”

“Do they take requests for background pictures?”

“Why shipping containers? Wtf. I refuse to watch him speak so I am lost on the sign but that is just, strange.”

“The Truman Show Part II”

What do you have to add to this fiasco of the Presidency?

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