A Baby Was Taken From His Mother Until She Returned With A Negative C-19 Test!

One Queensland mother shared shocking claims that her newborn baby was taken away from her right after giving birth.

The hospital claimed they decided to keep the baby away from the mother until she got a negative C-19 test.

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Caboolture Hospital opened an investigation after these accusations from Aleasha Pique (36).

The Courier-Mail reported:

Ms Pique, who is fully vaccinated and exclusively breastfeeding, said the hospital’s nurses were even shocked when her baby boy Remy was taken away after she revealed her teenage daughter was a casual contact of a confirmed Covid case.

She spent hours in limbo in what she says was the “longest day of my life” before the negative result came back and Remy – born three weeks ago – was returned to her arms.

Queensland Health’s policy is “to make all efforts to keep mother and baby together even if the mother has Covid”, but Ms Pique said that was not her experience.

“Everything about Remy’s arrival was destroyed by a decision made by the Covid team at the hospital. They declared that he needed to be separated from me,” she said.

“Even the nurses were horrified. One said to me ‘I’m so sorry, I’m ashamed to work here. This kind of thing should only happen in movies’.

“I begged for a Rapid Antigen Test but they said no. When the staff wheeled Remy out of my room I sobbed and asked how long it would be before the test results would arrive and they said they had a backlog and it could take days.”

Ms Pique, a mother of two, said she pleaded that she was breastfeeding and “they simply said we will feed him”.

“What kind of hospital removes a newborn baby from a breastfeeding mum, leaving her unsure of when she would see the child again?,” she said.

“Having a baby is already a very emotional time and this really has broken me.

“My GP has told me to see a psychologist as it has made me scared to leave Remy for a moment.”

Pique stated that she still asked the hospital’s next move if she had tested positive for C-19. Caboolture Hospitals faced scrutiny for reported botched surgeries, toxic workplace environments, etc.

News 7 has a video report.

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