A 7-Year-Old Suffers Stroke Just A Week After Pfizer Vaccine

I would rather live as a neanderthal and have someone close and faithful bringing supplies, living outside of the community before I inject a child so young and innocent with such a deadly shot.

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A poor 7-year-old beautiful, innocent girl suffered a stroke, AND brain hemorrhage just within a week after taking her first Pfizer deadly shot!

Barry Gewin alarmed the world with his Facebook post, writing about his young niece, Harper, who suffered from a stroke and brain hemorrhage after taking her first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Gewin posted a video of her niece walking for the first time after being taken to the ICU.

Four days ago, Gewin received another update from his brother and he’s saying that Harper is not eating, drinking, sitting up, or walking and they’re doing a lot of tests on her.

After she was released after spending 9 horrible traumatizing days at the hospital, they confirmed it was, indeed, the COVID shot. It was vaccine reaction – the cause of why their regular treatments weren’t working!

A health report confirmed that “stroke is relatively rare among children. It is thought that around two out of every 100,000 children are affected worldwide each year. Most cases occur in children under two years of age.”

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