80% Of The COVID-19 Deaths Are Among The Vaccinated Population!

Public Health Scotland shared information claiming that 80% of the deaths with COVID-19 are among the vaccinated population, “fully vaccinated.”

Scots who are fully vaccinated comprise 75% of all deaths but partly vaccinated people make 5%.

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The remaining 20% of the deaths are on the unvaccinated people but caught vaccine spike proteins transported from the fully vaccinated population.

We can’t find unvaccinated people who are healthy and still died from the coronavirus within hours.
Fully vaccinated people are dropping dead unexpectedly, and that’s the side effect of the vaccine. They weaken the immune system and make the organism sick and dying.

“Don’t you think we should have figured all of this out before we went on a stabby spree with lightly tested technology that you cannot turn around and undo if it goes badly?” asks Karl Denninger.

“We would have found out and halted what may well be an incipient disaster if we didn’t proceed with ‘Warp Speed’ and instead went through the regular process of gathering that long-term data while allowing the use of these jabs only by those at the highest degree of individual ‘bad outcome’ infection risk (such as residents of nursing homes who have, on average, six months of remaining life and thus long-term risks are, for most of them, irrelevant).”

Unvaccinated have to get the vaccine to protect themselves from the vaccinated. Yeah right.
To describe the origin of the injuries and deaths among the fully vaccinated population the establishment claims that the unvaccinated are spreading illness to the vaccinated.

People don’t want to get the vaccine, and those who already took it, aren’t protected. The scientists’ motto is my vaccine protects you, and your vaccine protects me.

No one believes in this!

“Never before in history has there been a need to ‘protect the vaccinated,'” Denninger explains. “There isn’t one now unless the jabs not only don’t work, but in some percentage of people who took them, they make the infection worse – and they know it.”

“The point of a vaccine is to gain personal protection. I have written about this many times; the premise of ‘herd immunity’ is, in fact, why the epidemic spread of any pathogen stops being a material concern, but the decision to take a vaccine is a personal one, despite all the screaming over the decades by various idiots.”

Agenda says that females experience a serious adverse reaction and even death from the COVID-19 vaccines.
“The data on the covid jabs say they offer more harm than benefit in young healthy boys,” Denninger writes. “Mandating them is thus not just malpractice and negligence. It’s manslaughter.”

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