70% Of The COVID-19 Deaths Are Vaccinated! Boris Johnson’s, BBC’s, And Sky News’ Statements Are FALSE!

BBC shared one fake article from Boris Johnson’s statement who wants to fear the youngsters and young adults that they have to get the vaccine. Otherwise, the virus would kill them.

Another article that Katie Wright from BBC News authored shared the statements of Johnson claiming that 75% of the COVID-19 deaths are among the unvaccinated.

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However, it is a colossal lie!

Public Health England data shared on September 3 that from February 1 to August 29, we have 1,798 reported deaths within 28 days of a positive test for Delta COVID-19 virus.

Out of that number, 16 were partly vaccinated within 21 days of their positive test, and 126 were among the people with a single dose over 21 days prior to the positive case.

One thousand ninety-one of the dead people were fully vaccinated. And 536 deaths among the unvaccinated population.

We can conclude that 30% of the deaths were among the unvaccinated people, even though most vaccines were applied from April to June.

So 70% of all COVID-19 deaths from February to September were vaccinated.

One proof that the vaccine isn’t effective, in fact, it weakens our organism.

Sky News also shared lies and tried to fool the population and force them to get the vaccine.

They shared that 9,472 people were hospitalized with the delta variant in the seven days leading up to August 29. But the author didn’t see that it was the number showing the hospitalized between February 7 to August 19, 7 months, not days.

Sky News shared that in the seven days until August 29, we had 3,742 people under 50 unvaccinated. Another lie.
It is a lie because if the author compared the latest report to the one from August 20, they would have realized that we had only 698 hospitalizations among unvaccinated in the past two weeks until August 29.

Sky News is regarding the numbers they want to see from the PHE data.

Shocking journalism from BBC and Sky News. They spread panic and fear among the young population, and with that fear, they are promoting the most terrible vaccine that has ever existed in the world—the silent killer.

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