5 Very Obvious Problems With Biden’s Latest Attitude For The COVID Vaccination

President Biden is not sure which side to take on anything, and that’s why we all see him as a really unstable and untrustworthy man. He’s an awful human being and an even worse politician.

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In his latest “thoughts” about the COVID 19 pandemia – the field where he should in fact be the superhero that comes to the rescue – he’s just implying the same measurements from the “Trump ages”, though people are getting vaccinated massively, every single day!

Here are 5 things wrong with his statement, his opinion, and the way he behaves.

1. He has been vaccinated for such a long time – and still wears a mask?!

According to the report published by The Federalist,

“Biden received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on December 21, 2020, while televised. He received the second shot on January 11, 2021, a few days before his inauguration.

Yet he has continued to wear a mask months after being vaccinated, a move that would seem unnecessary based on his latest comments (and common sense). Vice President Kamala Harris does the same, even though she also received her final vaccine dose in January. Not content with one mask, both have often doubled up even post-vaccination, wearing some combination of a paper surgical mask, an N95 mask, and a cloth one.”

2. His tone stating this on Twitter is very subjective and paternalist

3. His statement forces an ultimatum

If not, then … That’s not the way you lead a country, and that’s not the way you solve such a sensitive crisis.

4. The statement is unclear

The statement is unclear, to the point – whether kids should get vaccinated too? What’s the minimum and maximum age limit to get a vaccine? Since, as we are currently informed, the newborns aren’t vaccinated with the COVID vaccine yet.

5. If you decide to wear a mask – does that mean the choice to get the vaccine is all yours?

And that wearing a mask will be the same as showing a vaccination passport?

You dear reader, do you have any more questions?


Ava Garcia

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