5 of 7 Republican Senators Who Voted to Convict Trump Censured in Home States

Five out of seven Republican Senators are censured in the Home States. They contributed to raising the votes for convicting Trump.

Five senators have been censured by voters and by different state and country Republican Parties.

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Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.) has been censured by the North Carolina GOP, on February 15. He is retiring in 2022. Burr is one of the five senators that voted to convict Trump, but previously he said it was unconstitutional to do so.

Richard Burr stated on February 12 that what Trump did and didn’t do, he violated his position.


Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) also voted to convict Trump and was denounced by the state’s GOP. He justified himself and said that he did it because he wanted to respect the oath he took for defending the Constitution.

The Louisiana Republican Party with one accord voted to censure Cassidy for his vote. They did it on the same day he gave his vote for convicting Trump.

Senator Ben Sasse, (R-Neb.) was censured by the Lincoln Country Republican Party.

He received the censure for dismissing the legitimate concerns of Nebraska’s secretary of state, its attorney general, also from the majority of Republican voters.

He was unable to respect the high office of the President of the U.S.

From all of the censured senators, Sasse will politically lose the most for the elections in 2024. He will experience blowback from the Republican voters, because they prefer Donald Trump.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) faces reelection in 2022. She was censured even in six state House districts by Republicans.

In her statement for Anchorage Daily News, she said that she has to support the Constitution she pledged to uphold. Alluding she will do it again, even if it means censure from her party.

Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) was censured by the Your County GOP in Pennsylvania. He should retire in 2022. As a result of this censure Pat Toomey wrote:

Given his recent support of the second unconstitutional impeachment effort against a president who is no longer in office the York County Republican Committee has reached the limits of its frustration.

Senators that didn’t get censure.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah), isn’t censured by the Utah Republican Party because they decided not to do so. But, there circulates a petition that accuses him of violating his power to undermine Trump.

The votes of Romney and Senator Mike Lee for acquitting Trump we different.

The Republican Party of Utah on February 15, justified their decision not to censure Romney.

“The differences between our own Utah Republicans showcase a diversity of thought, in contrast to the danger of a party fixated on ‘unanimity of thought.’’

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) until now hasn’t experienced punitive actions from her party. But, GOP will meet to discuss her censuring.

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