EXPERTS: 4th Jab Will Be Pointless! Omicron Is The Natural Solution Of The Pandemic!

Is this a declaration that natural immunity is the solution to the problem?

The Daily Mile shared that the booster shot, the 4th in the row, will be pointless because only the natural immunity from the Omicron variant would be the best solution for this problem.

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Israeli officials shared that they want to prepare their population for the 4th booster shot, which is very likely to come to the USA.

But the USA and the UK haven’t even hinted at the 4th booster shot.

Some experts think that the practice of getting the vaccine every ¾ months isn’t logical! However, people claim that the Omicron variant may be the perfect solution for the pandemic; it is the natural ticket of this mess.

Ian Jones, a virologist at the Uni. of reading, is among the people who raised their voice and supported this regarding the Omicron variant.

This thinking has two aspects; the first one is that it has milder symptoms, and everyone can pass, and the second aspect is the fast transmission.

The US has 2.49 million C-19 cases, which overtook the previous record number of 1.7 million cases per week.

The deaths between these two periods are cut in half.

Jones emphasized that the future variants would be milder than Omicron. In collaboration with Professor

Lawrence Young, a virologist from Warwick University, concluded that the booster shots would only worsen the situation.

Uni. of Reading microbiologist Dr. Simon Clarke said that the practice of quarterly boosters isn’t okay.

‘’Although after two-and-a-half months immunity starts to wane, that doesn’t mean it drops below being extremely effective.”

“We can only get that long-term data over the long term; there’s no crystal ball with this. We just don’t know what the optimum strategy is.”

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