2019 Federal Law Will Authorize Fake C-19 Statistic Data!

A law enacted months before the first outbreak of C-19 may allow U.S. government agencies to share fake data and statistics, including for national security and law enforcement purposes.

One method to determine if the pandemic may be a hoax or something else is to look at U.S. fed law changes leading up to the reported outbreak of C-19 which the reasonable person may see as tip-offs for the government’s plans to falsify a pandemic.

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The method of looking at U.S. federal law changes leading up to C-19 to find out whether the pandemic is a hoax based on 2004 U.S. federal law governing false information and hoaxes.

Check this out:

§ 1038. False information and hoaxes


(1) IN GENERAL.—Whoever engages in any conduct with intent to convey false or misleading information under circumstances where such information may reasonably be believed and where such information indicates that an activity has taken, is taking, or will take place that would constitute a violation of chapter 2, 10, 11B, 39, 40, 44, 111, or 113B of this title, section 236 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2284), or section 46502, the second sentence of section 46504, section 46505(b)(3) or (c), section 46506 if homicide or attempted homicide is involved, or section 60123(b) of title 49, shall— [be punished, etc.; punishments are omitted for ease of reading] …

(d) ACTIVITIES OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.—This section does not prohibit any lawfully authorized investigative, protective, or intelligence activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States, a State, or political subdivision of a State, or of an intelligence agency of the United States.’’. (118 STAT. 3765, 376618 U.S. Code § 1038)

The law allows “any lawfully authorized investigative, protective, or intelligence activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States,” and it may include law enforcement agencies hat engaging in “any lawfully authorized investigative, protective, or intelligence activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States,”

Government bureaus and departments will create conflict between groups by falsifying an event or activity of a person and group of people. ‘’Then, they may surveil the falsely accused or other targeted persons or groups, try to provoke them to utter words that could be used against them, or try to lure impressionable targets into protests or other encounters an attempt to provoke the targeted persons to anger and violence or verbal threats of violence.’’ Life site news reported.

Targets can be anyone who loses their temper in the wrong place at the wrong time after extended amounts of harassment, provocations, and the use of advanced technologies, which would be illegal if they were publicly known, and there were removed from society for many years. A falsified pandemic would be a different activity for “a law enforcement agency of the United States” to “convey false or misleading information.”

‘’In other words, some law changes leading up to COVID-19 may suggest that the specific “lawfully authorized” false and misleading activity which “a law enforcement agency of the United States” was preparing for was a falsified pandemic (if COVID-19 is a falsified pandemic, of course).’’

Federal Laws approved C-19 pandemic, exercises before C-19

The most significant change was the U.S. government legalizing national security exercises for the threats in October 2019.

The NEP is in part intended to “protect against, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to the security of the Nation.” (Page 1, emphasis added) It is also used in part to “test and evaluate” U.S. government “plans and strategies.”

The NEP would be conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and other ‘’appropriate Federal agencies’’ which may be law enforcement agencies of the U.S.

The October 2019 law change legalizing national security exercises for emerging threats tries to “lawfully authorize” presumably “protective…activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States” for specifically what the law refers to as “emerging threats.”

‘’The October 2019 change suggests the possibility, or even the high probability, that the U.S. government was preparing for a national security exercise for such an “emerging threat.” Soon after the law change, the COVID-19 pandemic, a pandemic of an “emerging threat,” reportedly began. The timing of the federal law followed by the reported beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic could merely be a coincidence, but the reasonable person could also say coincidence is unlikely.’’ Life Site News.

There was an Obama-Biden admin’s executive order in 2016, only a few days before Dems lost the President Office to the Trump administration, and ordered the FBI and the DOJ to lead a “linking public health with law enforcement” and to “facilitate implementation and coordination of FBI programs to further the GHSA [Global Health Security Agenda], as well as provide technical expertise to measure and evaluate progress in countries the United States has made a commitment to assist.”

The same order was found in 2019, “United States Government Global Health Security Strategy” as one of the main documents which “guides the Federal Government in protecting the United States and its partners abroad from infectious disease threats by working with other nations, international organizations, and non-governmental stakeholders.”

2019 Law-green-lit fake C-19 statistics.

The federal law on fake information and hoaxes implies lawfully authorized use of false information by law enforcement agencies.

Were there any federal laws changed before C-19 that seem to try to authorize these false representations of data? You can find the answer here: “Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018.”

The government made what seems to be a major change of additions to the laws governing statistics, which is seen as an attempt to lawfully authorize the use of fake statistics for law enforcement or national security purpose.

“Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018” provides significant information; the intention of the act is to “require Federal evaluation activities, improve Federal data management, and for other purposes.”
Changes to CDC data policies?

A falsified pandemic would specifically ask for falsification of heath statistics. The fed government’s national center for health statistics is a part of the U.S.

‘’Identify and define opportunities and threats from emerging trends that will enable or require a change to health information and data policies, standards, or regulatory frameworks. (Emphasis added)’’

Law change potentially allows false data for ‘law enforcement

January 14, 2019, the U.S. federal law on statistics, data, and information made a significant legal distinction in technology.

‘’NONSTATISTICAL PURPOSE.—The term ‘nonstatistical purpose’— (A) means the use of data in identifiable form for any purpose that is not a statistical purpose, including any administrative, regulatory, law enforcement, adjudicatory, or another purpose that affects the rights, privileges, or benefits of a particular identifiable respondent; and (B) includes the disclosure under section 552 of title 5 of data that are acquired for exclusively statistical purposes under a pledge of confidentiality (132 STAT. 5545, emphasis added).’’

‘’IDENTIFIABLE FORM.—The term ‘identifiable form’ means any representation of information that permits the identity of the respondent to whom the information applies to be reasonably inferred by either direct or indirect means.’’

‘’Now, again refer to the introduction of this article which discusses “false information and hoaxes” and “any lawfully authorized” “conduct with intent to convey false or misleading information [etc.].”

The use of “any representation” (which would apparently include false representation) of information and/or the use of data for “any purpose that is not a statistical purpose, including any…law enforcement…purpose.”

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