2 Conservatives Resigned Supreme Court Panel After Handing Biden Some Harsh Rebuke

It was obvious from the very start. The Supreme Court’s ‘study commission’ was just a fig leaf for Biden and his Admin to pack the court with radical justices!

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But, something happened on Friday that got Biden empty-handed. The bipartisan panel that issued a preliminary report that just wasn’t right for Biden’s expectations!

“The Nation has recently witnessed sustained, widespread, and vehement calls for structural reform of the Supreme Court, as well as counter-arguments to ‘keep nine’,” the report said. “The calls for Court expansion stem most immediately from the Senate’s refusal to act on President Obama’s nomination of Judge Garland to the Supreme Court and from its confirmation of President Trump’s three Supreme Court nominees.”

“Many Democrats deeply contested-for varied reasons–the legitimacy of each of these three successive nominations to the Supreme Court,” the report goes on.

“Some also increasingly question the legitimacy of the Court itself and what they regard as the anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian tilt of its doctrines. The assorted controversies, both procedural and substantive, that have surrounded the Court and its composition in recent years have led to calls from significant segments of the Democratic Party for reform of the Court. These arguments for structural reform, and particularly for Court expansion–a notion that not-so-long-ago was absent from debates about the Supreme Court–have now become commonplace. Yet defenders of the current Court and its composition hold ve1y different views of the recent confirmations, the evolution of the Court’s jurisprudence, and the propriety and necessity of structural refo1m. In their view, the recent nominations appropriately reflect the result of electoral successes, and the changing doctrine represents a principled approach to constitutional interpretation. Meanwhile, even some Democratic critics of the Court oppose expansion, warning that any attempt to expand the Court or otherwise alter its structure would threaten the independence of the Court and its role in the constitutional system.”

But particularly delicious is the report’s recounting of how the country got to this point to begin with.

“Even after Republican Senators refused to act on the Garland nomination and eventually confirmed Justice Gorsuch instead, Democratic critics who accused Republicans of ‘stealing’ a Supreme Court seat largely refrained from calling for Democrats to retaliate with a Court expansion plan,” the report pointed out. “Indeed, references to ‘Court packing’ consisted primarily of arguments that Republicans themselves had in fact ‘packed the courts’ by refusing to act on the Garland nomination and by moving swiftly to confirm President Trump’s nominations to the lower federal courts. That said, prominent figures in the Democratic Party did argue as early as 2019 that the Republican Senators’ decision not to act on the Garland nomination might justify Court expansion at the first opportunity.”

“Supreme Court reform also became a pivotal topic in the 2020 Democratic primary, as several Democratic candidates endorsed significant reforms,” the report continued. “The Democratic Party Platform ultimately called for “structural court reforms to increase transparency and accountability,’ and then-candidates Trump and Biden debated the merits of Court expansion.”

Though the Supreme Court didn’t make a definite decision regarding the case, it really seems that there are considerably more serious drawbacks than benefits. regarding the issue.

and here’s the cherry on the top!

“Two conservative members have resigned from the bipartisan panel President Biden assembled to study proposals for reforming the Supreme Court. The departures Friday came from University of Virginia law professor Caleb Nelson, a former clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas, and Harvard Law professor Jack Goldsmith, the former top official in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel under President George W. Bush.”

“Nelson confirmed to The Hill that he resigned, adding ‘it was an honor for me to be part of the Commission. Goldsmith did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”

What do you think about this?


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