145,000 Absentee Ballots, 106,000 Adjudicated Ballots, Video of Multiple Scannings

Fulton County absentee ballots were ordered unsealed and reviewed by auditors by Henry County Georgia Chief Judge Brian J. Amero on Friday.

Attorney Sidney Powell posted this on Telegram on Friday night:


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In Fulton County, over 106,000 ballots were adjudicated, which is a huge amount!

On election night, video footage reveals that everyone left the State Farm Arena, but four people remained behind and counted ballots in private from 10:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Six hand count auditors said in the Civil Action that they had observed:

three boxes with 0% Biden ballots and three boxes with 98 percent Biden ballots
ballots that were not marked with a pen but tended to be marked with toner ballots that differed from other ballot papers in the stock or paper used
ballots that haven’t been creased
nine unprotected ballot boxes
Furthermore, it was alleged that an Open Records Request to review the ballots while they were in the custody of the Fulton County Elections Board was not replied to in compliance with state law, but rather in violation of it.

According to a statistical study of 8,954 vote changes, this 1:34 a.m. update is one of the top four most unusual in the world.

Nine witness affidavits attest to stacks of rare mail-in ballots with “pristine sheets, no creases, and flawless bubbles” that went “all for Biden.”


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